Friday, August 13, 2010

One of Kaden's potty rewards is a trip to Jungle Joe's. He earned his trip last night and when we told him that we could go to Jungle Joe's tomorrow, it was like we told him Christmas had come early. He talked about it all night. Down to the details. When I was tucking him in to bed last night he told me that we would take 'mama's car' and that we would go and bounce, he would ride the 'lion king' first and then he would go slide and bounce and ride the 'lion king' again. Then he woke up at seven am ready to go. He told us all the steps again. I made breakfast and told him that after breakfast we would go. He took two bites and said,"KK done! YAYAY!!"            
So we went, and he had fun. He told me all the way home. And you can't see here, but he has some rockin' spiderman socks on.

The weather here has been so hot and humid. Its doing strange things to my hair. I've been mostly wearing it up but the humidity makes the baby hairs stand straight out.     
It is,however, making my garden very happy. My rose bush had doubled in size and my funny little daisys are just blooming their heads off.

Tomorrow is a busy day. I have some training at work early on but then one of my favorite friends and I are throwing a shower for another of my favorite friends. It's just for close friends and its going to be at the Wine Loft which is one of my favorite places. I'm pretty excited!



  1. Haha! I was just reading an hour ago at work, my little journal I kept while visiting you in April. In it I have the pink wrist band Kaden wore at Jungle Joe's. :) I am glad it was a real "reward." Hey! Take a picture of the wildflower patch sometime. Just so I can see it :)
    Love and miss you guys!!♥♥♥

  2. ps. that picture of you showing us your sticky-out baby hairs looks quite a bit like your son in the "all 'tude" picture.....:)