Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas memories in the making

I possibly went a little overboard decorating this year. Kaden is so excited for Christmas that it's hard not to get caught up. Our neighbors have one of those spiral Christmas tree's that light up and Kaden looks at it a every night when they turn it on. I'm glad they have one, I'm not much for outdoor decoration's besides a wreath and maybe some lights. 
our tree
As we were decorating our tree (with decorations that my mom sends us every year) I couldn't help noticing that we already had created some of our own memories. 
ornaments from my mommers

We started with this ornament. There's a place in the mall where  you can pick an ornament and have it personalized.
Last year Kaden picked an Elmo. We're hoping they have a Spiderman ornament this year. I know we had one made in 2008 and I can't seem to find it, but I haven't gone through everything yet.

Kaden and his cousin Addison last year.

reindeer candle holder!
Kaden. Geeked beyond words that we have a Christmas tree.
This is Sophie. Eating the tree. I'm completely serious. She was biting the needles from the branches and she's been hiding ever since this was taken, probably with a nasty stomach ache. I'm sure Jeff (the cat poop cleaner upper, thankyoujeffie!) will find a nasty surprise later.
Kaden just loves to play and rearrange the Nativity.
I just love the way the bough's smell so I decided to spread them through the house.
Now I am off to make some Christmas cookies! Can't start too early when you have a Kaden in the house.


  1. Aw! Everything looks great! LOVE the look on his face! :D What kind of cookies are you making this year?

  2. Every kind! Ha, today just sugar cookies.