Friday, January 14, 2011

a busy week

My poor boy was exhausted. He and I took two trips to pentwater together this week and then he went to the Detroit zoo on Friday with his grandma while Jeff and I went to Pentwater. He was talking all about the zebra's and then conked out.

 It was so good to get away and be with just Jeff. Don't get me wrong, I missed Kaden terribly, but it was nice to do things that are difficule to do with a two year old. Just simple things. We wandered around camp,  played in the warm waves on the beach and later we laid on the beach and watched for shooting stars to wish on while listening to the water lap on the shore next to us.

      Earlier in the week my dad played his trumpet and Kaden was enthralled. He watched my dad play for a few minutes with his hands on his cheeks and his eyes wide. Pops tried to teach Kaden to blow through it.

And then he played and showed Kaden how to press the keys.

It was an awesome and busy week. One that crept by slowly, allowing me to enjoy every moment. One that kept allowing me to look forward to the next thing without wishing other parts to go faster.

On another note...

My Morning Glory's are looking beautiful. I don't have much of a green thumb so I'm always impressed when something I plant actually grows. You could have knocked me over when my rose bush actually bloomed one perfect white rose.
And lastly...


               All 'tude. Wonder where he gets that from???


  1. Your time with Jeff id something you both need and it sounds like you enjoyed every minute! It's like a payment on a worthwhile insurance plan :)

    I am so glad you are recording this stuff. The Kaden shots are priceless! Love the trumpet lesson :) I like how he is holding his arms in the first one. Something about it is almost edibly sweet. Remember how cute that one look on his face is now. When he is sporting it at fourteen or so....maybe not so much. lol
    Are the morning glories the ones in the front yard? So maybe they survived my guesswork, I hope? :D Either way, they are beautiful.

  2. we did enjoy it and it went by so quickly!
    I saw the way kaden was watching pops play but by the time I got my camera ready, pops noticed too and the lesson began.
    Kaden has so much personality, its going to be something when he gets older, but he also has an awesome sense of humer so I'm hoping that will help.